Kindly Note The Equicom Financial Research Private Limited Does not Provide any Profit Sharing, Guaranteed Services, And Which are not Mentioned in our Website. If Any Person Try To Sell Such Type Of Product Kindly Call On 8109039501,8109039502. (Investment In Stock And Commodity Market Are Subject To Market Risk)

When all ways are closed We still available for you.


1. What is provided by The Equicom?

We provide equity and commodity tips and cover almost all the sections of both the markets.

2. Is there any free trial available?

Yes we provide free trial which you can find by following the link Free Trial.

3. What is the medium to receive the Tips or free trial?

The tips are given through only SMS for timely entry and exit in the trade and an executive is dedicatedly assigned for each client for support only.

4. What is the minimum amount required for trading?

There is no specific amount required for starting the trade it thoroughly depends upon one’s capacity and convenience.

5. How can we contact the executive during market hours?

One can call us during or after the market hours at our helpline no and can also talk to the experts through online support or can call us on our customer care no 09200009266 or find the details here Contact Us

6. What are the services and the prices for subscription?

The services being offered can be find by clicking the link for services and for getting the prices for each of our services you can click here pricing.

7. How can we subscribe for the services?

One can subscribe for the services by making the required payment mentioned on the particular link payment.

8. Is there any provision for reimbursement of money in case of loss?

We provide support to the customers in the best possible way and recommend applying stop loss on strict notes and trying to avoid huge loss. But there is no provision for refunding of money.

9. Do you recommend delivery based calls?

As far as possible Intraday trading is the best mode of trading and we do recommendations only for intraday trade and close their positions on the same trading session. We strictly not recommend delivery based calls