Environmental Safety

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Environmental Safety

As being a part of society Theequicom family understand their responsibility towards nature. We try to maintain the environment in around the working place to be clean and pure. The methods being used for all our official activities are done safely understanding the need of keeping the earth clean.

  1. We use only essential electronic gadgets and even the computer systems are optimized in such a way that they consume minimum electricity, in order to save the useless consumption of power.

  2. We encourage our clients and customers to make use of softcopies of the work instead of paper in order to avoid cutting of trees.

  3. We concentrate more on the use of recycled products.

  4. We avoid the use of vehicles to nearby places, and use them only if they are really essential, and suggest the same to our clients and employees.

  5. The office area as well as the surrounding areas is kept clean so that the environment remains healthy and clean for the staff and the people around.

  6. Continuous monitoring is administered by the higher authority along with seminars and lectures for keeping the earth clean and healthy as our mother.