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Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.

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Be a Wealth Maker with “TheEQUICOM”

The organization is a success only if it provides the best culture and the environment to the first customers and those are the employee. We at TheEQUICOM are like a big family. We serve the assets of the company in the best possible way. The company consists of the members who are young and full of energy and knowledge which are required for a company to work efficiently and successfully. They are working together just to achieve one basic goal for making their company a success amongst the rest. We are looking for the same team players who can make most creative suggestions for making the company better.

What are we looking for?

The people we are looking for enhancing TheEquicom team should be

  • Dynamic and young as the youths are full of ideas and energy required for the improving the company’s performance.
  • Must be a team player so that he can work in a team and accomplish the work assigned to them.
  • Must have the required skill of facetious and full of wittiness which is required for handling the clients.
  • Good communication skills, creative, enthusiastic and should be able to face the challenges.

“As an emerging organization TheEquicom stands on the basis of the team members and the relation that they build up with the customers, so we require the best candidates to serve them. Interested candidates can apply through sending their resume.”