Nifty and Bank Nifty Trends and Currency Market Trading Levels for Today 30-October


Nifty Future Market Trends for Today NIFTY SPOT TREND- CONSOLIDATE RES1:8155 RES2:8200 SUPP1:8000 SUPP2:7955 STRATEGY- BUY ON DIPS BANK NIFTY TREND- CONSOLIDATE RES1:16850 RES2:17000 SUPP1:16560 SUPP2:16400 STRATEGY- BUY ON DIPS Forex/Currency Market Trends for Today 30-October USD/INR (26 NOV.) TREND: CONSOLIDATE RES 1: 62.00 RES 2: 62.30 SUPP 1: 61.40 SUPP 2: 61.00 STRATEGY: SELL […]

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