Rail Budget Likely to Have a Slew of Green Initiatives

Use of solar energy in a big way, launching of waste-to-energy project and proliferation of CNG in train operations are some of the green initiatives likely to be announced in the Rail Budget this time.

Besides an elaborate exercise of water conservation including setting up of water recycling plants will also be announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in his maiden Budget address in the Lok Sabha on February 26.

Apart from using solar energy to illuminate coaches, station buildings and platforms, there are plans for solar energy generation plants in production units and workshops, sources said.

The Minister wants maximum use of alternative fuel in rail operations and the Budget will reflect the same. Prabhu is likely to propose setting up of water treatment plants and recycling plants in coaching depots, workshops and railway factories to conserve water in railways. The idea is to prevent wastage of water and maximizing the efforts to save it also, the sources added.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is likely to announce a new integrated management system certification of all major workshops and production units covering quality, occupational health and safety.

The Rail Budget is also expected to announce a proposal to change design of locomotive cabin to reduce the noise level. The objective is to improve the design to achieve the limits laid down in US standards.


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