Petrol touches Rs 90.35/litre in Mumbai; diesel at Rs 74.24/litre in Delhi

Petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that reducing taxes on petroleum products will not have any lasting impact due to the continuing volatility in crude prices.

The Equicom

Petrol price in Mumbai increased by 13 paise per litre on September 27, taking the rate to Rs 90.35 a litre. The price had remained unchanged on September 26.

The price of diesel was also hiked by 13 paise, taking it to Rs 78.82 per litre in the financial capital.

In Delhi, petrol price increased by 14 paise, taking it to Rs 83 per litre. Diesel price also increased by 12 paise in the national capital. The revised price of diesel was Rs 74.24 a litre, according to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

In Chennai, the price of petrol reached Rs 86.28 a litre after it was hiked by 15 paise. Diesel price also increased by 13 paise and reached Rs 78.49 per litre.

Petrol and diesel priced in Kolkata recorded a hike of 14 paise and 12 apise respectively. The revised price of petrol was Rs 84.82 and that of diesel was Rs 76.09 per litre.

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