Nifty Future Market Trading Levels for Today 29-September


NIFTY SPOT TREND- CONSOLIDATE RES1:8100 RES2:8180 SUPP1:7960 SUPP2:7875 STRATEGY- BUY ON DIPS BANK NIFTY TREND- CONSOLIDATE RES1:15900 RES2:16100 SUPP1:15510 SUPP2:15340 STRATEGY- BUY ON DIPS Theequicom promises you for technically analyzed and profitable intraday trading levels for nifty and bank nifty. Keep visiting us for more updates and visit our website for free trial at […]

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Nifty Futures Trading Levels and Currency Trends for Today 26-September


Nifty and Bank Nifty Trading Levels for Today NIFTY SPOT TREND- BEARISH RES1:8070 RES2:8140 SUPP1:7900 SUPP2:7780 STRATEGY- SELL ON HIGH BANK NIFTY TREND- BEARISH RES1:15700 RES2:15900 SUPP1:15340 SUPP2:15120 STRATEGY- SELL ON HIGH Profitable Trends for Currency Market Traders EUR/USD TREND: CONSOLIDATE RES 1: 1.2790 RES 2: 1.2830 SUPP 1: 1.2700 SUPP 2: 1.2660 STRATEGY: SELL […]

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